I really want to say thank you for considering me for sponsorship of your product or service.

Let me tell you what i am doing so you will know if your product or service would be a good fit for both of us.

First and foremost i am a nomad I travel around the country camping out of my truck. I use many different camping items some old school and some new school camping supplies.

Currently I am working my way towards solar power so longer camping stays with out running into a near by town for power. Camping and cooking stove for basic needs (food, coffee, you know the basics. ☺️) I also would like to be able to use some basic camping gear such as a portable solar shower container and shower tent, a portable camp toilet, a hiking bag that does not fall apart while packing it for a over night hike or such. and so on.

I also would like to have sponsors in things i use even when not camping out. such as

1. Pepsi drinks
2. soap - Irish spring
3. food supplies - beanies and weenies, chips, bread, potatoes, and some more.
3. bathroom supplies - toilette-trees, washing supplies, and more.
4. Vehicle stuff - oil, gas, brakes, suspension upkeep, spark plugs and wires, ( General stuff.)
5. Anything to do with traveling and site seeing.

My cost for sponsor ship will be a set based sponsorship plus extras depending on what the product or service is being placed for sponsorship.

All sponsorship products and services will have add space on current vehicle and placement mentions on my YouTube channel video's as it grows.

I will be placing my own ad's on my vehicle and would like to have your's there with it.

Prices of sponsorship placements:

Ad on vehicle and video promotion $5,000.00 a yr

Ad on vehicle, video promotion and product use and reviews $5,000 + product cost covered (for the full year).

If you feel you have a product or service that would be a great fit for sponsorship with me please feel free to contact me with your product or service information so we can set up a great partnership that will help you grow your product or services sales.

Contact me for sponsorship